Why Does My Heater Smell Bad?

Why Does My Heater Smell Bad?

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In many areas, your heater is only used during one period in the year, winter. For the rest of the year, your heater sits, unused, gathering dust and debris. When winter finally does arrive, you switch your heater on and may be alarmed at the odor that accompanies that action. A decent heating repair service Melbourne FL is what you need! This smell shouldn’t bother you to begin with as it most likely that build up is being burnt away. However, if you realize that the odor is lingering and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, it is best to get a professional to investigate.

There are a number of smells that could accompany the switching on of your heater, and each alerts you to potential hazards that need the attention of a professional service provider. The smells may be metallic in nature, or you may be subjected to a smell that resembles rotten eggs. This rotten egg smell is usually a warning that a gas leak may be present. Whatever the odor, bad smells from your heater should never be ignored.

Switch off the heater, as well as the gas line valve, evacuate your home and call for help immediately. Electrical faults can become serious fire hazards, whereas as gas leaks are potential explosions in the making, as well as having the ability to poison your family through inhalation. All of these incidents can be life threatening.

Once a technician has cleared your home and declared it safe, you are free to enter again. This may seem extreme but, is putting the lives of your family members in danger, really a risk you want to take?

What Can You Do Before Switching On Your Heater After Extended Periods?

 There are always preventive measures you can take to ensure that your system is in tip top shape before switching on your heater. Taking these steps of action, could prevent that awful smell that strikes panic in your heart.

Clean all the filters, or replace if necessary. Dirty filters will only allow dust and dirt to circulate through your furnace and you will continuously experience that burning smell. Once the filters have been cleaned or replaced, this should no longer be an issue.

Clear the area surrounding your unit and the vents. Anything that may have the potential to melt or burn must be removed from the immediate area. Your unit and the vents radiate lots of heat. As a result, items such as plastic, paper, or anything else gets affected by it and may begin to melt or burn when subjected to prolonged heat radiation becoming a fire hazard.

Don’t wait until winter is right on your doorstep before having your heater thoroughly examined by a professional. You may find that after prolonged idle periods, your heater may in fact, be in need of some minor repairs to ensure that when Winter does rear its cold, bitter head, your heater is purring like a kitten Heating repair service Melbourne FL is something that should be actively carried out some time in advance to prevent the instances of disappointment and discomfort.

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