Up Front Pricing Guarantee

Up Front Pricing Guarantee

Flat Rate Pricing

Avoid Sticker Shock

Remember the old days when you used to take your car into the repair shop. What was your number one worry? That’s right, how long is it going to take and how much is it going to cost? We never really knew the answer until we received the bill and boy, oh boy was it different than what we had expected. | Up Front Pricing Guarantee |

Thankfully gone are the days of yesteryear. Today, Air Care Systems, Inc. sends a factory trained, Up Front Pricing GuaranteeN.A.T.E. Certified technician to your home, or business, for one flat fee- called a Diagnostic Fee.

Our N.A.T.E. Certified Technician then takes as long as is necessary to find out what your problem is and diagnose your system. If it takes 15 minutes or four hours your cost is still the same, a one time cost of the Diagnostic Fee. (Excluding Multi-Head Ductless Mini-Splits)

Once our service technician has diagnosed what the problem is, and has provided you with the information of what it will take to repair the equipment, you will then be provided a written cost of what every repair will be.

Choose whether to do the job

The option is then yours. If you choose to have the repair work done, you will know EXACTLY what it will cost. If the cost is higher than you can afford at the time, you can choose not to have the work done or to have only a portion of the work done. Once you have made a decision, we will proceed with the repairs upon your written consent.

YOU now have control of the job….. Before the work is done!


Because we charge by the job, you never pay an exaggerated hourly rate. To help reduce your inconvenience, we stock our trucks with every imaginable standard tool and part, and train our technicians to do the job efficiently and correctly… the first time. | Up Front Pricing Guarantee |

You should NEVER have to pay the price for slow service, but that is often the case with heating and cooling contractors who charge by the hour instead of the job. | Up Front Pricing Guarantee |

Removing the clock emphasis has allowed our technicians to not feel pressured and hurry, which might cause mistakes; this allows them to take the time necessary to make sure the job is done right. Providing Peace of Mind- One Client at a time.

Reputable companies will offer flat rate pricing and provide you with a firm quote on cost of repairs up front, thereby taking the mystery out of the job!

Remember, the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten.

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