Green Energy Alternatives in Titusville FL

Green Energy Alternatives in Cocoa, Titusville and Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas

Energy efficient products and home comfort systems can contribute tremendously to reducing energy consumption especially when combined with a properly sealed and insulated structure and duct system. | Green Energy |

When you work with us, you’re working with a company dedicated to the environment and ourGreen Energy Alternatives in Titusville FL clients while providing quality products backed with the official ENERGY STAR rating. Air Care Systems, Inc. commitment has allowed us to offer a full line of energy efficient products and services designed to reduce energy and impact on the environment while increasing comfort. Here are just some of the green solutions provided by Air Care Systems, Inc.:

Ultra High Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

What if you could save up to 50% on your heating and cooling bill? Installation of Ultra-High and High Efficiency systems and ductless systems can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50% while quietly increasing your overall comfort throughout your home or business. Air Care Systems, Inc. offers the latest in dependability, technology and efficiency of up to 30.5 S.E.E.R. in select brands and models. Every technician, installer and Comfort Consultant is factory trained and certified to service, repair and install your home comfort system.

Inverter Compressor Technology

The Daikin DX20VC is a high-efficiency air conditioner. It is powered by a Daikin brand variable-speed compressor, ensuring that the unit can reach up to 24.5 SEER cooling performance, which can result in significantly lower energy bills and better indoor comfort compared to central air conditioners with a single stage compressor.

Its proprietary Daikin Inside™ technology allows for sophisticated diagnostics and optimal performance routines. Its heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure with sound-control top baked enamel finish protects your system from weather conditions.

  • Up to 24.5 SEER Performance
  • Daikin Inside™ variable-speed compressor – the same technology used in over 30 million Daikin brand units across the world
  • Quiet operation, with sound levels down to 58dba, through sound reduction features

iQ Drive® Available under the brands Maytag and Frigidaire, these energy-efficient products achieve the industry’s highest efficiency ratings – saving homeowners 2,000 kWh and hundreds of dollars in energy costs per year over standard 13-SEER equipment. But iQ Drive products aren’t just efficient, they are at the peak of efficiency. In fact, the iQ Drive FS4BI air conditioner is currently the industry-leader in cooling efficiency, reaching an unprecedented 25.5 SEER! This makes it the most energy efficient air conditioner. The higher the SEER ratings, the more energy you can potentially save each month, which can equate to dollars saved on cooling costs.

A truly energy-efficient home should include one of these high-efficiency heating or cooling units. After all, heating and cooling costs comprise the majority of your utility expenses and the equipment is a home’s biggest energy consumer.

In fact, iQ Drive systems may save too much energy. One homeowner cut her energy usage so much during the first summer, her electric company accused her of tampering with the meter. Now those are some serious savings! Learn More

Ductless and Multi-Zone Inverter Technology

Air Care Systems, Inc. offers ductless air conditioning and heating as its primary and smartest solution for your home and business and there are many reasons why we consider ductless as the number one choice for many homeowners. Energy efficiency, cost savings, improved indoor air quality, eco- friendliness and its ease of use and integration into any home or business are just a few of the features that have furthered the advancement of the ductless system into the 21st century.

Energy Savings & Inverter Technology

According to the E.P.A., “typically a leaky duct system can lose 20%-40% of the energy that you pay to heat and cool your house”. Ductless systems eliminate the need for a duct system and thereby eliminate energy losses through duct work. True zoning is achieved and less energy wasted heating and cooling unoccupied areas because indoor environments can be easily managed by zone. Combined with the concept of zoning, the advanced technology of inverter compressor, ductless systems are extremely energy efficient up to 30.5 S.E.E.R. for some models. The result is desired temperature and humidity levels reached quickly and maintained evenly for better comfort, efficiency and energy savings.

INVERTER-driven compressors in the outdoor unit maximizes efficiency by automatically changing its speed to match the cooling and heating needs of a room. This technology allows the compressor speed to ramp up quickly to cool or heat a room (or multiple rooms) and reduce the compressor speed to maintain the ideal comfort level, while using less energy. This innovative system differs from conventional systems, which start and stop repetitively causing temperature variations and wasting energy. | Green Energy |

Programmable thermostats, when used properly on a well maintained heating and air conditioning system to consistently control your home or business’s temperature can save you about $180 every year in energy costs. Schedule your systems maintenance online and ask your N.A.T.E. Certified technician which programmable thermostat is right for you.

Attic Renovation, Duct Sealing and Attic Insulation

Buying new high efficiency heating and cooling equipment and then hooking it up to the typical inefficient duct system is like buying a super-fuel efficient hybrid car and then driving it with a leak in the gas tank.

Homes with leaky attic structures and poor insulating factors contribute greatly to a structure’s high energy consumption and poor air quality. Increasing the insulation in your attic can increase your energy savings up to 20%. While leaky ducts can reduce heating and cooling system efficiency by as much as 20 percent according to the E.P.A. Sealing ducts can help with common comfort problems, asthma/ allergies and respiratory problems and decrease indoor air pollutants and dust. Consult an Air Care Systems, Inc. Comfort Consultant or take our Healthy Home Survey Online.