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Don’t Ignore Your Ducts

Out of sight, out of mind!  That is usually the case when it comes to most consumers faced with a poorly functioning air conditioning or heating system or when investing in a new heating and cooling system.

However, ducts that are part of central heating and cooling systems offer one of the best opportunities to increase your energy efficiency and your comfort.  Studies indicate that up to 40% of the heated or cooled air is lost—along with the money spent to heat or cool that air—through leaky ducts.

For the average home, leaky ducts can waste hundreds of dollars each year.  Duct leakage also lowers the heating and cooling capacity, and can lessen equipment life.

To ensure your new equipment or current equipment saves money and works properly, slow down and become an informed consumer. Have your duct system tested for leakage, correct sizing, and correct insulation levels.

Haven’t really thought about your duct system?Duct Repair & Duct Replacement in Titusville FL

Here are some important items to think about!

Leaky ducts in a residential home contribute to:

  • Loss of cool and warm conditioned air to the outside or unconditioned spaces of your home resulting in high energy bills
  • Forces your system to work harder and wear out sooner,costing you yet more money
  • Excess humidity levels that can lead to costly home repairs from mold and mildew caused by increased moisture in the structure
  • Musty odors and other indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, i.e. increased dust
  • Hard to heat or cool rooms leading to discomfort
  • Increased system noise
  • The most energy-efficient cooling and heating systems not performing at its best

Modern High Efficiency HVAC Equipment is MUCH MORE Sensitive to Bad Ducts

A typical poor duct system really drags down the performance of new high efficiency equipment.   A weak duct system will lower the performance of new high efficiency equipment even more than it hurt the old unit.  The main reason is the modern air-circulating blowers are more powerful.  If your old duct system is leaky, the new higher pressures will accelerate the duct leakage.  If your old ducts are restricted or undersized, the new blower motor will strain to overcome this and greatly increase electrical consumption and noise.

Many new units also achieve higher efficiency by having both a low and a high speed.  Unfortunately, much of the efficiency gain is lost when connected to a bad duct system, as the longer run times lead to greater duct leakage, as well as greater energy loss through the duct insulation. This wasted money, and also increases indoor dust, summertime humidity, and wintertime dryness.

Think you NEED Bigger HVAC Equipment??

Does your current system seem to run non-stop, or do you have rooms that are too hot or too cold? Don’t just assume you need bigger equipment.  The real cause may be a bad duct system.  Learn More… Bigger is NOT Better!

A new heating and cooling system is a big investment with long term outcomes.  Start out right by testing, not guessing.  Do it right the first time and you will have a system you will enjoy for years to come.

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