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Attic Renovation in Cocoa, Titusville and Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas

What is an Attic Renovation?

Attic renovation involves a systematic process to identify, repair and remediate an attic to return it to a healthy, energy efficient, useable space in the home. Attic renovation includes the following prescriptive services:Attic Renovation in Titusville FL

  • Attic insulation removal with a commercially rated 15 H.P. vacuum into a disposable waste management system and discarded. Learn More
  • Identification of entry/exit points for rodent/reptile or pest infestation and sealing of identified areas.
  • Sealing of attic floor joists, decking, top plates to prevent passing of hot attic air, dust and contaminates into the living structure of the home.  Learn More
  • Sealing of leaky can lights and recessed lighting to prevent energy waste, decreased comfort and contaminates transferred from the attic to the living structure. Learn More
  • Installation of an approved Attic Hatch where indicated. Learn More
  • Duct sealing and/or replacement as indicated by Infiltrometer and Blower Door Testing results. Learn More
  • Installation of additional fresh air makeup and dehumidification through use of an ERV or other indicated equipment needed to return the living structure to a positive pressure structure with the A.S.H.R.A.E. prescribed amount of healthy air exchanges in a 24 hour period.
  • Installation of new Owens Corning Pink Fiberglass Blown-In Insulation in recommended amounts for the structure.  Learn More

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