Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

Referral Definition: a referral is defined as a new customer to whom you have personally communicated with in regard to the recommendation of using our company. Referring yourself is not considered a referral.

Qualifications: the person you refer must be a NEW customer who has not yet used our company and who resides within our service territory. The new customer must make a purchase of any value* of any of our hvac products or services*.

Referral Reward Cards: Customer Referral Rewards are given only upon presentation of the official Referral Card.

Cards are easy to obtain through our website, mail, any employee, or email. If you are not able to physically pass your card to a new customer at the time of need, just send us an official Referral Rewards card with your name and address listed and also include the name of the NEW customer*.

Once we verify that they are indeed a NEW customer who has made a purchase, we’ll send you the indicated Customer Referral Reward.

Referral Processing: Referral Reward Cards and referrals are meticulously tracked by Air Care Systems, Inc. and will be processed monthly to bi-monthly.

If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding a referral card you have graciously shared with a New Customer, please feel free to contact our Reward Processing Center at

**We reserve the right to modify this program or guidelines with or without notice. Please check back frequently to check program guidelines. Other restrictions may apply.**