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HVAC INSTALLATION VOLUSIA COUNTY: How to select a quality air conditioning contractor and a company you can trust!

When looking for a good HVAC Installation company in South Volusia County to install your air conditioning system, always be mindful of researching for HVAC Installation Volusia County for qualified and vetted contractors. Here are some guidelines to make sure any contractor who might be performing your HVAC Installation in Volusia County is experienced and reliable.

All heating and cooling contractors are NOT the same. Use great heed and care in choosing your licensed and insured air conditioning contractor for your HVAC Installation Volusia County. Many will boast the features and benefits of a manufacturer’s brand of equipment, when in reality; The quality of the installation process is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of every comfort system’s installation. Choosing a contractor for HVAC Installation Volusia County that does not use ALL N.A.T.E. Certified technicians and installers, who doesn’t follow industry standards in refrigeration practices, perform proper system start up and ”skips” those little items is what will end up costing you money, time, comfort and peace of mind down the road.

In order to get the efficiency and comfort you deserve, you must find a HVAC Installation Volusia County contractor who will:

  • Accurately assess and diagnose your current air conditioning and heating system
  • Select the right size of equipment for your homeInstall it properly, and
  • Uncover- and solve- any pre-existing problems with your duct system or house insulation.
  • Here’s how to identify an air conditioning and heating contractor who will do the best job, be the easiest to work with, and provide professional, reliable service. Avoid picking one of the many contractors who might take shortcuts at your expense.



Do Ask If you know someone who hired a certain South Volusia contractor you are looking at, make sure to ask them about the experience. Did the company perform according to the contract documents? Were they neat and tidy and respected your property? Were they knowledgeable regarding their products and services? Were they polite? Were they uniformed, badged and background checked? Did the owner of the HVAC Installation Volusia County company perform an on-site visit to verify and ensure a quality installation? Would you use this company again? Seek and honest opinion on who you are thinking of hiring

Do Ask about Training and Experience- Experts have found that air conditioning systems or HVAC systems installed by untrained or poorly trained technicians can lead to continuous performance issues resulting in permanent mechanical failure on your new system. It is always recommended to use companies offering advanced solutions for HVAC Installation in Volusia County. Advanced solutions ALWAYS begin at the design process for your new heating and cooling system and forced air duct system. Failure to follow guidelines and standards set forth by Manual J, Manual D, Manual S, ASHRAE, ACCA, NAIMA, and SMACNA will result in a system with decreased efficiency, decreased capacity, poor airflow and health issues related to poor indoor air quality. Therefore, experts always recommend choosing a contractor like HVAC Installation Volusia County Air Care Systems, Inc. who will provide professional support, guidance and education while designing and installing your new air conditioner or heating system in your home or office. Do choose a contractor that employs only highly-skilled factory trained, N.A.T.E. and E.P.A. Certified technicians that are Drug FREE. Air Care Systems, Inc. offers trained professionals providing HVAC Installation in Volusia County. Our Comfort Consultants, service technicians and installation technicians can be trusted for performing at a higher standard compared to most technicians as ALL are N.A.T.E. Certified in their field. Widely trusted throughout Central Florida since 1986, Air Care Systems, Inc. has become a household name. When thinking HVAC Installation Volusia County, think Air Care Systems, Inc.

Do A Background Check- Easier than you think. Air Care Systems, Inc. has done all the work for you! All of our staff are Drug Free and background checked. Look a little further… Investigate any company you are thinking of using for HVAC Installation Volusia County. Read and follow on line company reviews and testimonials from the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and local directories. You can also check for industry certifications like N.A.T.E. Remember, reputable companies in HVAC Installation Volusia County will possess multiple certifications and have more factory training, and experience and will provide better service. Fortunately, there are some contractors who are ethical, use ALL N.A.T.E. Certified Technicians- placing them at the leading edge in service, repair and installation of all types of air conditioning and heating systems and have critical customer service systems in place to ensure the highest level of continuous client satisfaction.

Do Check Credentials- Do hire ONLY licensed, insured, reputable contractors committed to 100% client satisfaction and practices strict adherence to state and local codes and ordinances. For your safety, commit to a contractor that has a long standing presence and reputation in the community for quality HVAC installation Volusia County or service performance.

Do Expect A Home Evaluation- The typical contractor is only interested in swapping the metal boxes, and won’t try to help you take full advantage of evaluating your options. Most contractors will try to minimize the importance of a proper sizing calculation (Manual J for equipment sizing and Manual D for ductwork sizing) and diagnostic testing. They’ll say, “I looked up your square footage on the property appraisers; or I’ve done hundreds of houses just like this one. I don’t need to go through all those measurements and tests. “ DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! No two houses or duct systems are exactly the same. Be cautious of the HVAC InstallationVolusia County contractor that prices the job simply on house size or previous jobs. When choosing an air conditioning contractor for HVAC Installation Volusia County, be sure the contractor visits your home personally and performs required sizing calculations. A quality contractor is more interested in serving you and educating you than selling you. He builds his business on long term service relationships and referrals from extremely happy clients, rather than making a quick buck. Air Care Systems, HVAC Installation Volusia County believes in truly solving our client’s problems and only putting in systems that really work right, even is it may mean we initially sell new equipment to fewer homeowners or business owners.

Do Obtain a Written Proposal- Never try to buy a new air conditioning system by collecting bids over the telephone. While price matters, and to most it matters ALOT!, don’t let the initial price be the only consideration when choosing bids from a heating and cooling contractor for your HVAC Installation Volusia County. When comparing contractors’ proposals (bids), be sure to compare cost, energy efficiency, warranties and most importantly, the “Contractor”. So, if a contractor won’t give you a price for new equipment for HVAC Installation Volusia County over the phone, don’t dismiss them as if they don’t know what they are doing. On the contrary, you should be EXTREMELY wary of any contractor that IS willing to give you a price over the phone.

Do Obtain Maintenance and Warranty Information- Pricing and information regarding service and maintenance plans as well as any additional warranties available for peace of mind on your new investment should always be addressed by your HVAC Installation Volusia County contractor. Reputable companies will include the 1st years maintenance in the proposal for your new system and provide pricing and terms and conditions on Optional Extended Warranties.

Your home’s indoor comfort and family’s health is important. Don’t gamble by selecting a heating and air conditioning contractor by chance. We like to say, Confidence NOT Compromise is available to every service and installation client with Air Care Systems, Inc.

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