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Furnace Maintenance in Cocoa, Titusville and Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas

You wouldn’t drive your vehicle 200,000 miles without changing the oil or checking your sparkFurnace plugs. Would you ignore changing your cars air filter? We believe your home comfort system requires and deserves the same planned maintenance your vehicle receives. Regular planned maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. Pre-season maintenance helps to avoid a system failure in severe hot or cold weather when you need it most or when you have that large house full of company.

Your Peace of Mind

Melbourne’s air conditioning experts, Air Care Systems, Inc., provides priority service for Preferred Member clients who have purchased a Semi-Annual Planned Maintenance AgreementEnergy Savings Plan (E.S.P.). Preferred Members are entitled to all the additional benefits that come with owning a Semi-Annual Maintenance Agreement. For more information on Preferred Member benefits refer to the Energy Savings Plan features and benefits section.


We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the best time to prevent a problem is before it happens!!

  • For systems that heat and cool: perform maintenance in the spring and the fall
  • Cooling only systems should have maintenance performed at least once a year at a minimum, prior to the cooling season
  • For furnace maintenance or heating maintenance only: perform maintenance at least once a year, before the heating season.

No need to worry about when your visits are due, Air Care Systems, Inc. provides courtesy reminders to all its clients via phone, email, and/or a courtesy post card reminder!


A small group of homeowners choose to do some minor air conditioning and heating maintenance themselves. We have provided some homeowner DIY tips and videos to aid you in these but prefer you leave the more technical work to us!

Ideally, a licensed air conditioning contractor would be providing all required maintenance for your system. As a factory trained, N.A.T.E. Certified technician, every technician is trained to evaluate and identify potential and existing problems with your system before they become a problem. Our technicians are experienced in proper maintenance procedures and appropriate product application to ensure optimal operation of your system, as well as the comfort inside your home. Upon completion of your maintenance visit, our technician will provide a detailed written report of their findings with any appropriate recommendations for your heating and cooling system. Contact us!