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Glenda Wolfe

I have been using Air Care for only one year, but my father has used them for 20-odd years! I understood immediately, his reasons for remaining with them, despite other companies coupon mailings, offering attractive “pitches.”

Chris from Air Care, has been the serviceman working with me. He immediately impressed me with his knowledge, quality of service and especially his no-nonsense, honest, transparent delivery of the facts. No sales pitch…..Just here’s the situation…. These are your options. He will give you a best guess scenario for “likely probability of outcome” for each option (but only if pressed). I really liked this. I can deal with this: “Here is your problem and these are your options, or there is no problem and the next step is schedule next maintenance.” I quickly felt a bond of trust developing between myself and through Chris, as a representative, this company.

As it turns out, I find myself in need of a new system in the immediate future. I am particularly pleased with their goals to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and their 12 year warranty on parts (& labor?).

I highly recommend this company for service, and would encourage anyone in need of a new system to consider this company.

It is soooo hard to find a company these days with such integrity.

They definitely have my vote!