Don’t Overlook the Value and Comfort of the MVZ Multi-Position Air Handler

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Don’t Overlook the Value and Comfort of the MVZ Multi-Position Air Handler

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As part of the DIAMOND COMFORT SYSTEM™, the MVZ air handler offers you more than the standard furnace alone. If you’ve never heard of one before, you may be wondering what is so special about an MVZ air handler and what its advantages are.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating has rounded out their lines of comfort systems by now offering the ease of a traditional air handler with the flexibility of connecting UP TO 7 additional air handlers on one single condenser. Using individual air handlers added to each area of your home allows you to customize temperatures. This system lets you cool or heat one room or specific area on-demand rather than adjusting your thermostat to heat or cool and entire home or office. With a traditional thermostat, if you adjust temperatures with a specific room in mind, the result is big variations in heating or cooling around the home. Imagine trying to heat one very cool room in the house. Here, a traditional furnace would work hard to heat up that cool spot area but in the process, would overheat the rest of the home, causing heating bills to soar. Instead of this untargeted approach, having a zoned system with assigned air-handlers allows you to adjust the temperature precisely for the area needed, getting heat or cool air delivered there, and maintaining the rest of the home’s temperature without breaking your budget.

Installing air handlers  allow for specific airflow strength and efficient conditioning to get the right amount of warmth or cooling to each area of your home. Think of this as a specialized, highly efficient option that takes the guesswork  of adjusting the thermostat for the whole house and lets you customize heating and cooling to the areas you need it . Looking for experts in furnaces and air handlers in Titusville, FL, anyone?

Overall, the Diamond Comfort System gives you an unparalleled amount of control you have  over the heating and cooling in every part of the home. The MVZ air handler offers efficient, whole-home cooling and heating by connecting with a Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heating INVERTER™  . With this system installed, you can customize heating by room, by floor, or by larger zones.

furnaces and air handlers in Titusville FL

Here are some more of the advantages offered by switching from a traditional furnace to the Diamond Comfort System.

Advantages Abound

furnaces and air handler in Titusville FL

  1. The Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating Diamond Comfort System with MVZ air handler can replace an existing furnace or forced-air system while using your existing ductwork with minimal changes needed.
  1. This system outperforms a traditional furnace whether your heating or cooling your home. This comfortable efficiency comes from the one inch foam R4.2, fiberglass-free insulation added to existing duct-work around the home. This foam reduces  condensation and boosts efficiency in delivering heat and cooling to all the areas of your home.
  1. Get on-demand heating or cooling in specific areas, instead of having cool spots or hot spots in the home, the Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating  Diamond Comfort System with MVZ air handler can address these variations with the touch of a button. This system is designed to connect up to  seven additional indoor air handling units for those rooms or areas of the home needing that on-demand touch .
  1. Enjoy peace and quiet from this high-efficiency DC motor with a curved output. The design of this system makes for silent motor operation.
  1. This system is made to last and won’t cost you over parts repairs, Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating Diamond Comfort Systems come with a 12 year parts warranty, one of the longest warranties in the business.
  1. Take advantage of our special promotional offer and save $500. Right now, get $500 off of purchase and installation of new Mitsubishi Diamond Comfort System utilizing MVZ air handler with a minimum of one additional air handling unit. This offer expires 3/31/17 and cannot be combined with other promotions.

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