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3 Ways An HVAC Technician Helps Maintain Your AC 

Air Care Systems Inc.

Maintaining your air conditioning unit and having some air conditioner maintenance Mims FL performed from time to time are much more important than you may realize. Costly repairs, a stuffy atmosphere, and an uncomfortable night’s rest are just a few of the problems you could possibly run into without regular maintenance. Thankfully, our team here at Air Care Systems Inc. is here to help! 

The amount of work you have to do on your end is quite simple. There’s no need to stress too much about what’s going on inside and whether you’re changing your air filter enough. If you do the normal sweeping, as well as change your filter each month, then you should be just fine. 

Without further ranting – here are the reasons why  air conditioner maintenance Mims FL is so important.

By Performing A Thorough Inspection

The most important reason that maintenance needs to be performed is so we can identify potential problems before they happen. At the same time, maintenance will help ensure that your machine is running at maximum efficiency.

An air conditioner is made up of a complex system of motors and gears, electrical components, fans, and electrical connections. All of these have the potential to break down after a while if they’re neglected and unchecked. 
A qualified HVAC service provider will be able to run a few tests and checks that’ll give them an idea of how the entire system is performing. They will mainly be looking to improve any processes that aren’t running efficiently. They will also replace or tighten any parts that have gotten loose or gone bad. 

Making Recommendations On How TO Keep Clean Air Flowing

An HVAC technician will also be able to see if there is anything thwarting the lack of clean air flow when they come to do air conditioner maintenance Mims FL. 
Often times there is something blocking the vents, which will obviously hurt the air conditioner’s ability to cool the home. This then leaves homeowners thinking that something must be wrong! 
Since cleaning the insides of the air conditioner is part of the maintenance chores, they’ll also be able to tell you if you need to do more cleaning around the house or not.

Cleaning The Harder To Reach Places

The coils, the gears, and the insides of the air ducts themselves need to be cleared of dust and lint. If you don’t manage to do this, there is a high-chance your system will end up coughing up dust in the long-run. We highly recommend that you let a professional like ourselves do this as the coils, for instance, can be very touchy and perform improperly if they’re not cleaned the right way. 
If you’re interested in having us come over to perform some air conditioner maintenance in your home, then please give us a call at 321-385-3950. Is calling to difficult on a tight schedule, take a trip to our Contact Us page for alternative ways to get in touch.

Saving – Energy Tips for saving energy and money at home

Saving Energy – How homes use energy.


When we think about saving energy and money at home we first must think about how a home uses energy. Homes use energy in a variety of ways. Major appliances including refrigerators, stoves, freezers, washers and dryers use a significant amount of electricity in all types of households. Small appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, blenders and the like are also use energy in the home. Entertainment products such as cable boxes, gaming systems, computers, televisions and DVD players, etc. consume a large amount of energy in the home as does the lighting. But did you know that the homes largest use of energy is heating, cooling and ventilation products? These include space heaters, dehumidifiers, window units, air conditioning units, etc.  A home’s heating, cooling and ventilation system is responsible for using over 50% of your home’s energy.


Saving Energy – What is the Whole House Approach to Saving Energy?


When considering ways of saving energy and money we must consider the whole house approach. The “whole house” approach is really a “systems” approach. “This approach considers the house as an energy system with interdependent parts, each of which affects the performance of the entire system. It also takes the occupants, site and local climate into consideration” (U.S.DOE, 2012)

For instance, installing a new energy efficient air conditioner or heat pump alone will not lower your monthly utility bills if the duct system has leaks, the attic is not sealed and is un-insulated, and the humid summer breezes continually drifts under doors.  Only upon completing all of the needed improvements will a lower monthly utility bill be achieved.  Attempting to correct only one facet of the scenario directly impacts the entire home.  Thus, changes in any one part or component of the home’s energy system will impact performance of other parts.  Increasing attic insulation for instance will lessen required air conditioning and heating capacities causing more issues with short cycling and humidity and prevent you from saving energy and money at home.


 Whole House Performance Blower Door Testing- Leaky Ducts


Saving Energy – How you can save energy and money in your home.


  • Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or Gas Furnace: The most obvious way of saving energy and money at home is to consider replacing your central air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR- labeled model.  These units can save 20% or more of your cooling bill while a new ENERGY STAR gas furnace can save upwards of15% or more.

Saving energy and money using Energy Star Products


  • Ducts: The average duct system loses about 30% of the energy produced by the furnace or air conditioner when distributing  the air to the rooms. This energy loss can be reduced by having a licensed HVAC contractor seal all duct joints and penetrations properly as well as insulating all ducts in unconditioned spaces.
  • Thermostat: A programmable thermostat can save 5-30% on your heating and cooling bill by automatically adjusting the thermostat setting at night or when your home is unoccupied.
  • Insulation: Have your home inspected for adequate ceiling insulation for your area.  R30-38 is recommended for this area.

Not sure how your home is performing or interested in saving energy and money at home, contact Air Care Systems, Inc. for a consultation- 855-632-9449 or


Air Care Systems Inc.

Air Care Systems Inc.