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Air Conditioning Services in Cocoa, Titusville, Melbourne, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Air Care Systems, Inc. has been “Caring About the Air You Breathe” while delivering clean, comfortable air to your home or business all year round since 1986. Providing only the highest quality air conditioners and air conditioning services in Brevard County, Florida and surrounding East Central Florida communities.

We’ve made it our priority to see “How we can make you smile today?!”

Myth or Fact?

Myth: A more powerful air conditioning system or larger system will do a better job.

Fact: While too small is not acceptable, too big can be much, much worse. Most homeowners who buy a larger unit regret their decision. If you were unhappy with your old unit, don’t just assume you need a bigger one. It’s rare to find a unit that actually is undersized. More often, the real problem is a weak duct system, air leaks, missing insulation, or inadequate maintenance. Learn More- “Why Bigger is NOT Better”

To ensure your new equipment saves you money and works properly, slow down and become an informed consumer. Have your duct system tested for leakage, correct sizing, and your home inspected for correct insulation levels BEFORE you purchase a new air conditioning system? Learn More- Whole-House Performance & Infiltration Test

Perhaps you are a homeowner not ready to replace your system but still experiencing poor cooling and high energy bills? Are you tired of the constant dusting and high humidity in your home. Not sure you even have a problem? Call now and ask us about duct testing or schedule an appointment online. Learn More- “Don’t ignore your ducts”

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