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Electrical Surge Protection in Cocoa, Titusville and Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas

Electrical Surge ProtectionWhat is a surge?  A surge is a transient electrical fluctuation that happens in a fraction of a second and can cause serious damage to highly vulnerable electric equipment such as your A/C compressor/condenser, controls, motors, thermostat, etc.

What are the causes?  Both lightning strikes and local power utility “spikes” can enter your business or home through the electrical wiring and attack any components that are connected to them.  On top of that, the local power utility companies have been de-regulated and that is increasing the problems associated with electrical power quality.  The same wiring infrastructures that produce and deliver the power to your A/C equipment are the same pathways that can destroy these investments.  It is also worth mentioning that electric equipment manufacturers do not cover lightning strikes or other surges under warranty.

How can you prevent it?  First, you should know that sometimes nothing you do will prevent equipment damage when lightning makes a direct hit.  However, most of the time, you can prevent or at least minimize the damage that occurs by installing quality surge protection products.  The proper installation and use of these devices will remove the daily power surges and spikes from the local power utility companies, provide protection from lightning strikes, and increase the life of your equipment as well.

Inexpensive Insurance for your Air Conditioner

  • Professionally installed in minutes
  • Handles up to 150,000 amps of surge current
  • Lifetime Replacement*
  • $1,000.00 Connected Equipment Warranty*
Next to your home and car, your air conditioning and heating system is the most costly item to replace.  You have insurance on the first two… But what about your air conditioning system?  Let your local service professional ensure the continued safe operation of your equipment, before it’s too late!

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