I had no clue that I would have to through numerous hassles and end up purchasing a new AC after I entrusted the first Oviedo based company to repair my existing one. The problem was that my existing air conditioner was consuming lots of power, leading to inflated energy bills. It was also cooling my room so much that I felt I was living inside a freezer. Having to idea about these gadgets, I searched online for AC repair and service in Oviedo FL visited the website of the company that appeared at the top of the search results and requested them to send their engineer.

My torturous journey

The spokesperson of that company informed me that their engineer would reach my place within an hour. He turned up after several hours. After examining my AC, he told me that the problem was with the compressor and that he would have to take it to their service center. It seemed that my problem was solved when I received my AC after a couple of days. It was now chilling the air according to the set temperature. Hardly a week had passed before the problem resurfaced. I called the company again; their engineer arrived, and repeated his old story. To add insult to injury he said that I would have to pay for repairing the compressor again. I had no option left apart from purchasing a new AC.

Friend’s advice

I discussed this issue with my friend. She told me to contact Air Care Systems, arguably the best AC repair and service in Oviedo FL. I got in touch with them and requested them to send their technician for a free evaluation of my old AC. I was surprised when he told me, post inspection, that the problem was due to a faulty thermostat. I suggest other to visit www.aircaresystemsinc.com whenever they face problems with their AC.