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AC Repair and Service in Melbourne FL

AC Repair and Service in Melbourne FL — Incomparable

Your search for incomparable AC repair and service in Melbourne FL ends with Air Care Systems Inc. Some of our competitors offer original spares but they do not provide any guarantee for the replaced parts. This means that you have to pay them again if that component stops functioning after a couple of days. Others provide limited period warrantee but replace the damaged parts of your air conditioner with cheap imported components. Invariably, their replacements conk out upon expiry of the warrantee. You end up being the loser in both of these cases.

Diagnose, locate, and solve

We are one of the few companies that only uses original spares and provides a warrantee as well because we believe that satisfied clients act as advertising agencies and pass on information about our unparalleled maintenance and service details to their friends, colleagues, and relatives. We at Air Care Systems Inc. employ only skilled who have a proven track record of diagnosing an AC, locating the problem quickly, and rectify it soonest possible. The state of the art diagnostic tools we provide them with, allows them to complete their task within a short span of time.

Impeccable turnaround time

In most cases, our technicians will fix your air conditioner within an hour of reaching your place. You need not worry about spares since our service van contains all spares required to fix most brands of ACs. However, you might have to wait for a day in the unlikely event that the fault lies in your AC’s compressor. In such a scenario, our engineers will shall take that part to our workshop, fix it, and return it within 24 hours. If this is not enough, we are one of the limited AC repair and service in Melbourne FL that offers services 24 x 7.