4 AC Issues And How To Solve Them

4 AC Issues And How To Solve Them

AC Issues And How To Solve Them

We’re blessed to live in a wonderful state, but the weather can get a bit too much sometimes. If you ever had to go without air conditioning around here during the warmer months, you definitely know what I mean. And more importantly… how it feels. Luckily for you, our team of experts is here to help.

Now that the milder days are coming to a close, things are really starting to heat up. Before you start cranking down your thermostat and leaving your AC on for longer periods, let’s examine a few areas of your air conditioning equipment that are either not working effectively or are in dire need of repairs.

If you recently started to notice any of these 3 common HVAC faults, don’t panic, it’s all part of the process. Gearing up for the summer season is a must. And you know what? It’s definitely worth it.

Call our expert technicians today for air conditioning repair in Merritt Island, FL. Read on below to find out why these issues occur and how they can be fixed for good.

Dirty Filter

Dirty and blocked filters obstruct the airflow in residential or commercial HVAC systems. You should ideally aim to change your filter monthly. When left unattended, dirt inevitably accumulates.

Are you wondering whether your filter is blocked? A tried and tested way to go about this is to use the so called “light test”. Check if light is passing through your filter, in case you can’t see much then you definitely have a problem.

It’s worth mentioning that if you have a dirty filter and your device is still working then your unit is running on overtime. Don’t strain your compressor, you’re using more power for nothing and you’re also reducing the lifespan of your system for absolutely no reason.

Electric Failure

If you have been doing everything in your power to avoid maintenance, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Our team would be more than glad to help!

One of the most common HVAC issues is none other than electric failure. The root causes for such an issue are the following:

  • Rust
  • Blown Fuse (it causes the compressor to overheat which then brings the system to a complete halt) Fuses do NOT blow for no reason! It is a MUST to have the source of the blown fuse(s) identified and fixed immediately.
  • Improper breaker amperage (in case it’s tripped you can simply turn it on again, if on the other hand it’s not working at all, then you might need to reset it)
  • Fuses and breakers are safety devices for both the unit’s safety and yours! Never replace and/or reset without getting a licensed electrician to check it out FIRST!

Freezing Unit

This is something we definitely see a lot of. Worry not though – there are many factors which can lead to this. Here are some of them:

  • Obstructed airflow due to dirty filter
  • Blower fan malfunction (essentially the cold air is being retained inside the unit)
  • Control relay failure


Ever wondered what makes your air cooler? That’s your refrigerant hard at work. It’s circulating inside your unit to keep it cool, you cool, and to transport much needed oil to lubricate the heart of your system… the compressor. If your system isn’t blowing enough cool air, then you might be facing a refrigerant leak. More often than not, poor cooling occurs when the refrigerant isn’t appropriately charged at time of installation or during a service visit that required repair. Oftentimes though, costly refrigerant leaks occur due to vibration of refrigerant lines, manifolds and vibrating cabinet parts that cause friction on exposed areas.

 Such leaks are very costly to your wallet and to make matters worse, they directly affect the life and efficiency of your condenser which can cause catastrophic premature failure of your a/c system. It’s important to note that these leaks can only be repaired by a skilled and certified technician.

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