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Enjoying a good Air Conditioner at home is a blessing that not everybody can enjoy when the hottest days of the year arrive. Fortunately, that amazing breeze that reminds us of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches can come to you when you take good care of your loyal AC unit. We at Air Care Systems Inc. know that among the priorities you will have for spring, and then the best season of the year is the checking that everything is in order so that all you have to worry about is how to prepare delicious margaritas with little umbrellas while enjoying the sun. Besides running regularly Air Conditioner maintenance in Titusville, FL, there are still quite a few ways that can not only help you but also your AC to run more efficiently at home and therefore save you some cash while keeping the house cool.

Get Some Fans!

No, not the kind of fans that wouldn’t let you rest at home by asking you for autographs and selfies. Having some real fans will help your airflow to be always fresh and to circulate around the house with fewer difficulties. For this step, Ceiling fans are always a great choice, they don’t consume much energy compared to other alternatives and they’re relatively silent; helping you to achieve that perfect Zen atmosphere inside the household. On the other hand, smaller fans are also a good choice, they’re easier to transport and will give great support to your AC unit overall whether it’s a ductless one or central.

Air Care Systems Inc.

Check The Attic!

Having your attic properly check for abnormalities in the ventilation will spare you a headache when it gets really hot every day. Around 10% of your AC’s energy will be saved in efficiency if the ducts and ventilation channels are clear of any obstacles. That also includes debris, dust, and cobwebs. Besides turning your ducts into potential health hazards by allowing them to freely distribute dust all around the house, your house won’t be able to have a good airflow and a small greenhouse effect can develop within. Needless to say, checking that your house has good ventilation, will ensure that your AC unit won’t have to make such a big effort to keep it cool and this means your bills might not go up as high as the sun.

Never Rule Out An Upgrade!

If your AC unit has been with you for over 10 years, chances are you might want to start considering getting a new one sooner rather than later. 10 years is the average lifespan of Air Conditioners, and that’s supposing that you’ve run regularly good Air Conditioner maintenance in Titusville, FL. Once their cycle is completed, old AC systems can start presenting problems more often which leads to higher electricity requirements and possible repairments. In other words, if it’s too old, it might be a bit more expensive to get a new one on the short run, but long term it will definitely save you a fortune.

We at Air Care Systems Inc. care for our customers and their comfort, which is why no matter what type of service you need; your HVAC needs are covered. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will ensure that you and your family have the satisfaction and comfort they deserve. Give us a call today at 321-632-9449 or for our emergency service 855-632-9449. We’ll always be there whenever you need us!